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French Camp Vineyard

From the very beginning, French Camp Vineyard has received wide acclaim for its premium, world-glass grapes and is now a leader in organic farming and sustainable winemaking practices. As early as 1995, French Camp Vineyard dedicated portions of its land to organic growing and has currently transitioned more than 25% of the vineyard to be fully organic. Certified by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA), Sustainability In Practice (SIP), and with Certified California Sustainable Winegrowing designation (CCSW), French Camp Vineyard is now a fully sustainable vineyard and the 2nd largest Certified Organic (CCOF) vineyard on the Central Coast of California.

Vineyard Manager Greg O’Quest

French Camp’s Influential Leader

Vineyard Manager Greg O’Quest

Born and raised in nearby San Luis Obispo, Greg O’Quest has been a prominent figure at French Camp Vineyards since his start as an intern in 2004 after studying Fruit Science and Vineyard Management at Cal Poly. From that moment on, he rose to become French Camp’s influential Vineyard Manager, spearheading their transition to organic and sustainable farming practices. Under O’Quest’s leadership, French Camp Vineyard has become one of the most renowned fully sustainable vineyards, with over 25% of its blocks growing organic grapes. With O’Quest’s dedication and expertise, French Camp Vineyard continues to invest in cutting-edge technology and innovative practices to further the pursuit of replenishing what it receives through sustainable and organic agriculture.

Paso Robles Voted Best Wine Region of the Year

Experience the Country’s Top Winemaking Region

Paso Robles Voted Best Wine Region of the Year

Recognized for its diversity of grapes and high-quality fruit, the Paso Robles winemaking region was voted Best Wine Region of 2023 by the USA Today Readers’ Choice Awards, a distinction well-deserved and decades in the making. As one of the most iconic sites in Paso Robles and Reciprocity’s own source of organic grapes, French Camp Vineyards has been at the forefront of this region’s rise. A taste of the Paso Robles winemaking region offers distinct characteristics not found anywhere else in California and with the added care put into French Camp’s organic grapes, Reciprocity offers a beautiful reflection of the land.

Premium Winemaking Techniques

From Grape to Glass

Winemaking Philosophy

Alongside our dedicated focus on sustainability and high-quality, organic fruit, Reciprocity employs premium winemaking techniques throughout the entire production process. Onsite crushing, fermenting, and bottling facilities at our Santa Maria Winery allow our team to monitor every step of the winemaking process and make real-time decisions regarding the quality of our wine. With decades of expertise behind us, Reciprocity is able to produce world-class wine that offers a truly authentic expression of the land, is fully sustainable, and crafted exclusively with organic grapes.

Reciprocity Wine

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